Friday, January 17, 2014

Infinite Possibility: Shaka Senghor at TEDxYouth@SanDiego 2013

This incredible story of redemption and personal transformation brings to life the infinite possibility each person has to choose their path in life. After 19 years in prison, Shaka Senghor overcomes incredible odds and illuminates the power of hope, education and determination to create your own future. "Have the courage, the will and the commitment to embrace who you truly are. Never limit yourself for anyone else."

Shaka Senghor was recently selected as an MIT Media Lab Fellow and is the recipient of the Knight Foundation's 2012 BMe (Black Male Engagement) Leadership Award. Senghor is a writer and mentor and will be teaching his first course at the University of Michigan in spring 2014. While serving 19 years in prison, Senghor discovered his love for writing. He has written six books, including a new memoir about his life in prison, Writing My Wrongs. He is the author of the detective series Crack: Volume 1 and Crack: Volume 2, and most recently published a book of his writings entitled Live in Peace: A Youth Guide to Turning Hurt into Hope, a companion piece to his mentoring program.

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