Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Supporting Our Youth Makes a Big Impact on Communities

When we support our youth, we are reducing crime and strengthening our communities. This is why our Seven Half Marathons project is so important, so we can have the biggest impact by providing a full year of mentorship to the most at-risk group, homeless teens. Will you make a donation, providing these young people with access to compassionate care programs?

Monday, December 28, 2020

Seven Half Marathons - A Chance to Unite a Community

The Seven Half Marathons project is more than a race. It’s a chance for communities to unite and give people a sense of belonging. That sense of belonging is exactly what homeless teens are missing as they are without a strong support network and at greater risk for trafficking abuses.

Every dollar raised goes directly to these teens, providing them with mentorship and setting them on a path to permanent housing. 

Will you support their journey? Donate to at-risk teens here: https://mattgarciafoundation.org/community

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Raymond Courtemanche Will Run for a Cause Dear to His Heart

Meet our community partner, brother Raymond Courtemanche! Tomorrow he will start running seven half marathons in just seven days to raise awareness for homeless youth. This cause is dear to his heart as he himself was homeless from ages 16 - 19. With every dollar pledged for his runs, you give urgently needed assistance to local teens so they are set on a path to permanent housing. Will you support this community initiative?

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Seven Half Marathon Fundraiser Hopes to Raise Awareness for Homeless Youth

This year’s Seven Half Marathon fundraiser is intended to raise awareness for homeless youth. Starting on December 25, community partner Raymond Courtemanche will run each half marathon in just seven days, totaling 24 hours of running. This signifies an entire day of homeless youth sleeping outside without any resources. Can you imagine the hardships these teens face?

With all of the funds raised from the Seven Half Marathon project, we can provide a year’s worth of mentorship and compassionate care to the at-risk youth of our community and help them on a betterpath. Will you make a pledge to support our mission?

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

You Can Help Keep Matt's Dream Alive - Donate to the Seven Half Marathons Initiative

Matt Garcia’s dream was to be the change in the world we live in. Through the Seven Half Marathons project, we are bringing his dream to life by providing a full year of mentorship to homeless and trafficked teens. Did you know that 800,000 youth go missing annually in the U.S.to the sex trafficking trade? With your support, we know we can make a difference in the lives of many at-risk young people. Will you help us with our bold mission?

Donate to the Seven Half Marathons initiative here: https://mattgarciafoundation.org/community

Monday, December 21, 2020

Seven Half Marathons Begins This Week - Have You Made Your Pledge Yet?

This week marks the first day of the Seven Half Marathons fundraiser! Have you made a donation or a per-mile pledge yet? Each dollar raised goes directly towards a year of free mentorship for homeless youth. Your support helps them get off of the streets and into compassionate coordinated care. Will you become a sustainer of this new initiative?

Donate to the initiative here: https://mattgarciafoundation.org/community

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Help Homeless and Trafficked Teens through the Seven Half Marathon Fundraiser

Through this year’s Seven Half Marathon fundraiser with community partner Raymond Courtemanche, our goal is to raise enough to provide one year of compassionate coordinated care for homeless and trafficked teens.

What is compassionate care? It is an opportunity to meet the basic needs of at-risk teens, build a trusting relationship with them, and invite them to use longer-term services and support tools.

With your assistance, we can help countless young people get back on their feet. Will you make a per-mile pledge to support them?

Monday, December 14, 2020

7 Half Marathons in 7 Cities in 7 Days

We are honored to work with community partner, Raymond Courtemanche, on a fundraiser for homeless and trafficked youth. In just seven days, he’ll complete seven half marathons in seven cities across Northern California to raise awareness for homeless youth, and he needs your help!

Raymond’s ultimate goal is to provide a year of mentorship and compassionate care to these at-risk teens. Will you make a donation to support this cause?

Friday, December 11, 2020

Stand Up For Everything That Matters To You

"Whatever you BELIEVE IN – LIVE THAT. Don’t be scared of the opinions of others. If they don’t stand tall with you, they aren’t right for you."

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Why Accountability Is Key to Being a Better Leader

If you're looking to be a better leader in all aspects of your life, you have to hold yourself accountable. Accountability is keeping your commitments to people. Holding those commitments will build deeper, more meaningful relationships and when you build deep relationships with people, you create loyalty and trust. Once you create loyalty and trust, people will never want to let you down because they know that you'll never let them down.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Don't Compare Your Life Journey To Another

Don't Compare Your Life Journey To Another (Must Watch Motivational Video)

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Giving Tuesday - Help Keep The Dream Alive

Today we unite in a worldwide celebration of generosity. 

Together We Give
Right now, people around the globe are coming together: showing kindness and generosity by giving their voices, time, money, goods, and more to support communities and causes. 

Matt Garcia was a man with a vision. He was the youngest city councilman elected in the state of California in November 2007. Matt was a great young leader and inspiration to all who knew him. Matt was only 22 years old… but, he lived more in those short years than many adults can even imagine. He led by inspiration, with integrity and ambition. 

Matt’s dream involved supporting the youth and creating places for them to go and things for them to do; Changing a culture of violence and crime in the city through youth involvement. By uniting a community all people will have a sense of belonging and responsibility to the city of Fairfield. Matt’s life was cut short, but his legacy, work and heart live on. 

The Matt Garcia Foundation was established to carry out Matt’s dream. We are dedicated to the work and efforts that Matt started and hope that we can inspire others to be the change in this world we live in, just as Matt inspired us. 

Matt’s vision has guided us, but we need continued support from all of you to make his dream a reality.
A commitment to changing a culture of violence and crime in Solano County.
Together we can continue Matt’s efforts and make his dream our reality.
The Matt Garcia Foundation “Dream Team" pledges to live Matt’s legacy.