Friday, May 24, 2024

How Repressed Emotions Make Us Sick

The most curious and hazardous feature of the way we’re built lies in the difficulty we have registering what we actually feel.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Community Clean Up : Saturday, May 25, 2024

When: Saturday, May 25, 2024
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am
Where: Matt Garcia Foundation Office, 717 Texas Street, Fairfield, CA 94533

The Matt Garcia Foundation will provide gloves, garbage pickers and buckets for collecting the trash.

Students can earn community service hours. Lunch provided after the cleanup.

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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Assist-A-Grad Interviews

This past month we had the opportunity to sit with eleven of Fairfield’s students looking to further their education and serve their community. Being around people filled with hope for their future is inspiring. It’s contagious. 

When you hear of someone in high school starting a club to help other students who need help, you feel the future of Fairfield is bright. It’s hopeful, it’s aware of how blessed it is and willing to give back. It’s ready to learn the best ways to serve.

To the parents, to the teachers and to the mentors of this year’s students we want to thank you so much. We are proud that you are teaching them. Keep up the good work. 

The students have hope, and you are a big part of the reason why. 

We want to thank the golfers that continue to stand with us and make our scholarships possible. This year, by all of us working together, we were able to keep eleven students dreams alive.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Art of Letting Things Happen | A Japanese Philosophy That Will Chang...

In this video, we explore the powerful Japanese concept known as wabi-sabi, looking into it's history, how its philosophy frames existence in a uniquely different way compared to most Western attitudes, and how it can be incredibly useful to integrate into our lives.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Monday, May 6, 2024

What is fat? - George Zaidan

As the narrative goes, fat is bad. Well, it's actually more nuanced than that. The type of fat you eat is more impactful on your health than the quantity. George Zaidan examines triglycerides, the varied molecules that make up fat, and how to identify which types of fat you are consuming.

Lesson by George Zaidan, animation by Igor Coric.

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