Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Importance and Need For After School Activities

Many parents feel that with the pressure on today's students that it might be cruel to consider enrolling their children into after school activities and programs. But there are very good reasons why it is the act of a responsible parent to take this course of action.

After school activity groups and programs have become more and more popular in recent years. The growth has been quite amazing. The primary reason for this is the working pattern of the parents. It is estimated that the average child spends around 15 to 20 hours per week without any parental or even adult supervision. They are left to their own devices and because of this many turn to petty crime as a means to alleviate their boredom and lack of structure. How many of us have seen documentaries of youth gangs where the majority of them say "there's nothing better to do around here" or something similar. After school activities are a superb remedy to this situation.

Crime is generally understood to be at its most prevalent immediately following the school day. I'm not suggesting that this is entirely due to the delinquency of modern day youth although it certainly plays a part. However, this part of the day is also a dangerous time to be a child with many traveling home unsupervised and possibly at risk. After school activities allow the children to be occupied during this time and allows a parent or other trusted adult time to pick them up from school after work.

Another 'big' concern with our children today is how prone they are to obesity. With the advent of computer games, internet communication, junk food and a lack of parental discipline our children s health is at a great risk and must be taken seriously. A well structured and physical after school activity can divert their attention from the desire to be at home and will greatly assist their physical condition and development as well as increasing social skills and abilities and helping to create a more rounded, healthy adult in later years.

There is a lot of pressure from parents and teachers for children to take their studies seriously with academic prowess being a much coveted goal but thought and attention should be given to preparing your child or children for life as an adult and the social, physical and mental benefits gained from after school activities make it an essential part of your child's progress into adulthood.

There is a lot of information that parents should be aware of regarding your child's development. Visit the after school activities hubpage for all the research you need.
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