Sunday, December 28, 2014

Power and Possibility of Unity

This week I posed the "unity" (unite) question. I asked people what they considered to be in unity with and what the word actually meant to them. I also had an opportunity to reflect on this power word myself.

Here's what I ask you to think about:

What is it?

In mathematical terms, the word "unity" means the number ONE. Unity also means singleness or the state of being one. It is when several parts come together with fidelity of purpose or action.

When people UNITE they join or come together and form a sole or distinct unit with connections of mindset and purpose. If there is a decision to be made, often it is with collaboration of all who are in the particular unit. For me, I think that the extent to which you feel united with something (or someone) is truly a matter of perspective. It begins in the mind (of course).

Levels of Unity

To be able to explore the relevance of unity in my life I found that I needed to break it down to specific levels. Like any other self-inquiry process, we often recognize the differences depending on the circumstance or context. When it comes to unity, this is no different.

Consider the ways in which you are united on these levels:

1. Unity to Self:

How well do you know, admire, and live from your connection to your true self?
In my opinion, unity starts within and works outward through our organic life experiences.
What parts of you are you deeply connected/detached from?

2. Others/Community:

Would you say that you are united with the various parts of your community and relationship?
When you believe, and are passionately committed to something, you are "in union" with it - not an added feature but a part of it.

We are united in gifts of service through our profession. I believe that our calling is our responsibility to respond to. As I have found with the helping professionals who are currently enrolling in the Purposefull Practice Program, some of us have been fortunate to have found our missions. There are many people, however who go through the motions of life still in search of their true purpose-driven life assignment.

3. World:

We all have the power to connect on a deep and profound level to the external parts of our world.
What is the biggest connection you have to missions and a purpose that is much bigger than your daily life and interactions?

I believe that our unity can be described as a unity or oneness that exists not in spite of our diverse characteristics, but because of it. It is the wonderful differences themselves which contributes to the whole.

Importance of Unity

Unity seems to hold even more precious value today in a world where we have become reliant on the web and other media platforms for communication. People are more disconnected than ever before. The spirit of individuality is quite common in our world today. While there is a place for this, we are social beings with distinct and valuable contributions to be made.

There is so much power and possibility in unity. When there is UNITY, where all the people have united in the same goal and purpose, they can accomplish just about anything that can be contemplated. When we unite, the members or contributors don't necessarily look alike or function alike, yet, they are all important, needed, interdependent, and all engaged in a vision or purpose toward the common end. As individuals we are indeed strong but as a united force, we can shift the world in unimaginable ways.

The way you think about unity will guide you to the way that it exists in your life. It's a mind thing!

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