Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Young Local Hero

Public Safety Academy 6th grader Tamaiah Massot was honored for heroism by her entire school, the Fairfield Police Department, the Fairfield Fire Department, North Bay Medical Center, city officials and even the mayor. A couple months prior, Tamaiah was on her way home from school when she witnessed an face-down, unresponsive three-year-old who had fallen into the pool at her apartment complex. Remembering a YouTube video she had watched the year before, Tamaiah immediately jumped in the pool, pulled the toddler out and administered CPR, resuscitating the child. Her quick thinking and actions, along with her ability to remain calm ultimately saved this child’s life. Although she is a hero in all of our eyes, she remains very humble and did not want any recognition at all for her actions. Tamaiah… we at the Matt Garcia Foundation are so very proud of you.

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Email: info@ffinest.org

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