Monday, January 22, 2024

Welcome New Advisory Board Member

Roxanna Torres-Guerrero

My full name is Roxanna Torres-Guerrero, born and raised in Austin, Texas. I consider myself part of the 200%, that means 100% Mexican, and 100% American. I've worked in the Texas education system and the non-profit sector since 2017. 

Living in California has been a new experience. I have focused on learning what it takes to have a business in the service industry. My dream is to have a business of my own. In the meantime, The Matt Garcia Foundation allows me to have a purpose. The foundation selflessly does for their community, and that aligns with my passion to help others. By focusing on the youth early on and building relationships that instill trust, they can trust us when we say they are capable of their dreams.


Direct: 707.372.4160

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