Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Matt Garcia Learning Center School

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The Matt Garcia Learning Center is located on two campuses. The 2nd -5th grade Matt Garcia Learning Center is located at the H. Glenn Richardson Campus and is one of a group of specialty programs provided at that site. At this unique setting, students receive the needed supports and wrap around services which are integral to the students' specific needs. The 6th -12th grade Matt Garcia Learning Center is located in midtown Fairfield, California, at 1100 Civic Center Drive. It occupies the former FSUSD Adult School which closed in 2008 due to budget constraints and declining enrollment.
The school is named after Matt Garcia, a well respected Fairfield City Council member who was tragically gunned down in 2008. Matt was a product of the FSUSD schools and was a visible presence and powerful role model for many of Fairfield and Suisun’s school age students. The school opened on October 18, 2010 and draws students from throughout Fairfield and Suisun. Prospective students interview for acceptance through a variety of avenues including school, central office and parent referral, parent/student interest, social service referral and probation referrals. The majority of students referred and attending the Matt Garcia Learning Center has not been successful in the comprehensive setting for a variety of reasons including academic, attendance and behavioral issues. The school also receives students who have never attended a public school or who have only attended private or public Independent Study programs. The student population fluctuates between 125 and 165 students. We are staffed to increase our enrollment to accommodate approximately 180 students. Our sixth through eighth grade classes are self-contained and core classes are intended to not exceed 25 students. High School students have a five period day with each class lasting seventy-two minutes. Students at the high school level are on a variable credit system which is rigorously tied to key grade level standards. The variable credit system allows students to transition throughout the year, in order to continue to earn needed credits.
The school’s mission is to meet each student where they are, assess their needs and provide the resources needed to insure that each student has the ability to grow academically, socially and emotionally. The school’s vision includes providing wraparound support systems, to insure that students and families are provided with resources as issues arise.
The Matt Garcia Learning Center's May 23, 2012 WASC visitation resulted in the school receiving "Initial Accreditation" status. The Expected School wide Learning Results (ESSLRs) are focused on rigorous, scaffold expectations, personal responsibility and positive citizenship and technological awareness. The ESSLRs are posted throughout the school to insure that all students and stakeholders clearly understand the expectations. The Matt Garcia Learning Center staff is committed to providing a rigorous education to district students who thrive in a smaller setting. Additionally, the school is home to the Matt Garcia Foundation, a local non-profit organization focused on providing opportunities for at-risk students and their families.

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