Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ten Characteristics of Good Leadership

Characteristics of good leadership is something that has been studied for many years and through my research, I have discovered similar patterns in leaders that are worth mentioning in summary. Not all leaders have these qualities, but it is useful to have them if you want to be a good leader.
Through study I have discovered these ten characteristics of good leadership:


Good leaders have vision. Good leaders know where they are heading and they lead these people toward the same vision that they have for their lives, a community, or even a nation. They do not just look at what things are, but at what things could be.

2. Passionate

Good leaders are not passive people. They are usually extremely passionate in whatever they're doing. Whether it is sports or business, leaders are extremely focused and some of them are even consumed by their passion.

3. Wise

Good leaders are wise and discerning. Being a leader often means that they need to make crucial decisions at various points in their ministry. Having the wisdom to make the right decision is extremely important in ensuring the success of the organization.

4. Compassion

They have compassion for their followers. While they understand they have a goal to pursue, they constantly look back and care for the people that are following them. They are not selfish people who only think about their own needs and luxuries; they also have a heart for the people under them as well.

5. Charismatic

Good leaders are charismatic; they are attractive people and they draw people to them by their shining personalities. Whether is it the way they speak, or the excellence they demand from people; these leaders have an X-factor that people feel drawn toward.

6. Good Communicators

They are very good at orating and speaking. They are extremely well-versed in public speaking and they can influence and inspire people with the things that they say. With this ability, it is not surprise that they can usually garner a good following.

7. Persistent

They are persistent in reaching their goals. They understand that reaching a destination is filled with setbacks. Despite that, they see that the benefits of reaching the goal is greater than that of the setback that they experienced. This makes them extremely persistent people.

8. Integrity

Good leaders have integrity. They mean what they say, and they say what they mean. They are people who keep their promises and they don't play the two-faced political game that a lot of others do. As such, people find them trustworthy and they give their commitment to these leaders as a result.

9. Courageous

They are courageous. Winston Churchill says that courage is the virtue on which all others virtue rest upon. Besides just having a pipe dream, good leaders are courageous enough to pursue after it. The fears are real, but a courageous leader pursues them despite the fears.

10. Disciplined

Good leaders are extremely disciplined in their pursuit of their goals. While most people would be easily distracted or discouraged, good leaders discipline their flesh to keep focused and to keep steady despite the circumstances.

There you go, ten characteristics of good leadership. After reading these ten characteristics, you might see that you are lacking in some areas and strong in others. But no matter, it's not about becoming perfect, but knowing where you are lacking and making an effort to develop those characteristics in yourself.

Lin Yihan is the founder of Leadership With, an online guide to leadership filled with quality articles on the topic, valuable resources like icebreaker ideas, leadership quotes, leadership movies, videos links and more! He is also the President of University-YMCA at Singapore Management University, a student-run volunteer organization that has a mission to raise up servant leaders who will impact the local and international community. It currently has several local community programs, overseas trips to countries like Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as a Social Enterprise arm that raises funds for its community work.
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