Saturday, February 14, 2015

How Do You Live With Compassion?

Compassion is more than just the occasional feeling of mercy. It's all about deep love and care, usually without expecting anything in return. It's all about going beyond yourself.

Here are some ways on how to uphold the value of compassion:

1. Learn how to forgive. One of the biggest forms of compassion is forgiveness. Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that it's completely liberating. It often washes away the pain, the hurt, the guilt, and the shame. Though people may never forget about the past, it doesn't affect them anymore.

Forgiving isn't a very simple process, especially if it's you who gets hurt. Nevertheless, at some point, you have to do it as a way of freeing yourself from the anger and hate.

2. Think more of others. Being compassionate doesn't mean you have to completely reject yourself. However, you now have to think of others more seriously. Before you do something, ask yourself the question: What good will it do for humankind? By then you'll discover that some decisions are merely self-serving.

3. Find time to be with others. Compassion is more than emotions or feelings. Most of all, it's all about action. That's why you have to see to it that you can spare a portion of your time for others.

Many have the notion that the only time when you can be compassionate is when you volunteer in organizations. Though that it's true, you don't have to do it all the time. A very simple act such as listening or holding other people's hand in times of their sorrow and pain is already a type of compassionate act.

4. Don't expect any reward. Compassion comes at the deeper part of your soul. You do it because it makes you feel satisfied. You feel and give compassion because other people deserve it. It doesn't expect anything in return. Otherwise, what you're doing is a task, no different from performing a job at an office.

5. Remind yourself to always be compassionate. With the way the world goes, it's not surprising if you think of your own interests first before those of others. After all, we are born and trained to really survive. In the process you place compassion in the back burner.

You have to learn how to remind yourself to offer compassion as often as you can. Subliminal messages may help you with that.

When you're losing your interests on others and giving more attention to yourself, just think of the following affirmations:

There's more to this world than me.
The world doesn't revolve around me.
I am capable of loving and caring for others.
I am of greater value by being of service to others.

6. Meditate. What's the significance of meditation? Meditation relieves yourself of the worries that are causing you stress, anxiety, and depression. It removes the build-up of clutter or negative thoughts, and it makes you more aware of the present. Moreover, you can use it to detach yourself from material possessions so you'll have more space and attention on important matters, such as the needs of others.

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