Monday, October 16, 2017

Love And Compassion - The 2 Essential For Success

No matter who you are or where you come from without compassion and love for yourself and the world around you, you will never get to enjoy success for what it is. Even though we all have different likes and dislikes there is a common amongst us all, that common is the need for giving and receiving compassion and love.

All kinds of success start with your thought process and if you didn't include love and compassion in that process you will always feel like there is something missing in your life. That greedy guy I described earlier would definitely relate to that in his moments of deep thought by himself. The thing is we form habits easier then we believe, even those of us who seem so strong.

How To Express Compassion And Love...

It really is quite simple to express these emotions sincerely to other people. The first thing you need to do is get rid of the "what can I get out of them attitude". Yes you know the one we have all tried it at some point in life and maybe your still trying to reach your own personal success with that attitude.

Treating other people with compassion and love is only possible when you believe you are worthy of giving it, not whether they deserve it or not. It sure is easy to come up with many reasons why others don't deserve it, how about coming up with reasons why they do?

Feeling vulnerable is something humans fear greatly and it seems we have put compassion and love into that catergory without realises the consequences of it. To show love and compassion towards others only makes you vulnerable when you can not use the word no when you need to, I sure have learned that one.

What Does Success Look Like When Compassion And Love Are A Priority?

It doesn't have a huge ego thats for sure and better still it doesn't use and abuse others for financial gain. It is when you are so comfortable with helping others you don't even think about it, you just do it naturally. Ask any successful person they will tell you that through having compassion and love and by helping others is how they got to where they are.

When compassion and love are applied to ones life while trying to achieve success, it radiates through your body language and facial expressions. This is due to the contentment felt by treating yourself and others exactly as you should and being able to apologise when you haven't.

You can spot that kind of person a mile away, they really do stand out from the crowd and just a tip that is the kind of success you want to achieve. If we were made to only think about ourselves we would not have been designed like we are.

Wishing you true success in your life full of compassion and love.

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