Thursday, August 31, 2023

2023 Car Show

September 16, 2023

Join us for a remarkable event celebrating “15 Years of Keeping the Dream Alive!” We invite you to a day filled with joy, where friends, family, and the community come together to foster a better future.

With the tragic Loss of OUR Young Vibrant/Passionate Fairfield City Councilman Matt Garcia on September 1st 2008, NOW 15 YEARS LATER, WE ARE EVEN MORE PASSIONATE with the objective to raise AWARENESS that lives out his campaign promises…"Support Youth, Help Stop Crime & Strengthen our Communities" to Keep the Dream Alive for another 15 years.

Experience the thrill of our car show and contest, showcasing impressive vehicles that will surely enliven your senses. Enjoy the captivating melodies from talented local bands and artists, guaranteeing an unforgettable live music performance. Witness the awe-inspiring talent of special live dance performers, leaving you mesmerized by their artistry. As a token of our appreciation, we have prepared exciting gifts and raffle prizes for all attendees, ensuring that everyone can participate and possibly win. Get inspired by our extraordinary guest speakers, who will share their wisdom and insights, making this day truly memorable.

This event holds an added significance as it coincides with Mexico’s Independence Day from Spain in 1810, making it a day of double celebration and honor.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Downtown Business Dream Team for their generous sponsorship and unwavering support. Together, let’s make this day an extraordinary experience that will leave lasting memories. Don’t miss out on this incredible celebration! Mark your calendars and join us on September 16th for a day that promises to be unforgettable. 

Visit our for more details. Send email to or text/call 707 310-4152 Chairperson Bro Ray for any questions. 

Bro Raymond

Direct: 707.372.4160

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