Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Message from Newly Appointed Vice President Andy Ramirez

One of the beautiful things about living in Fairfield is Matt Garcia saw what our city could be and started working towards it. What does our city look like through Matt’s eyes? And how can we make that dream of his come true?

It starts with something simple. Something as simple as picking up a piece of trash. By doing this, we are saying thank you for giving us a city where even the homeless and careless have more than enough to eat. We are living in gratitude.
How can we work towards Matt’s dream of supporting our youth? It’s easy. We encourage them to work hard at their goals, and we invest in their education. We encourage them to ask for help on the hard days and remind them that there is always someone there to help. 

Imagine what Fairfield would look like if all our kids knew there was a group of people working for their future. Know that the Matt Garcia foundation is this group of people. I think Matt was right when he said, “This is the place to be!”

Our students have hopes and dreams. We’re showing them the ways and fundraising the means. 

Andy Ramirez, Vice President

Direct: 707.372.4160

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