Sunday, March 10, 2024

Real Talk Podcast

Andre & Annette Davis are the founders of WE ARE NEVER ALONE INTERVENTION/PREVENTION OUTREACH MINISTRY PROGRAM. Sharing about the importance of FAITH & FAMILY on Real Talk Podcast Fairfield podcast 2. We believe all parents want to be good parents and have a healthy FAMILY. Well truth be told GOD created All family and left us principles on how to be successful raising our FAMILIES by FAITH through our 1st experiences of lifes storms and ups and downs in trying to raise FAMILY on our own understanding. GOD tells us without FAITH it's impossible to please HIM! We share about what FAITH is. FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, yet things Not Seen. We learn quick that FAITH has an enemy called FEAR (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL). We also know that FAITH without works is dead. I have been a CHAPLAIN/MENTOR and MINISTER at the Juvenile Hall for the last 28 years under W.A. N. A. Program. as a minister. I have had the opportunity to do more celebrations of life (funerals ) of more children and their parents that have come through the Juvenile System than I can count! So, my wife and I have made a covenant with God through our own child's 13 years of incarceration in and out stuck in the system! We had to learn the hard way that without faith it is impossible to please God! And we want to get this message out to all families that GOD is the beginning and the end and following HIS principles on FAITH & FAMILY in life will be much easier if we seek wisdom and follow HIS blueprint! This way we won't have to FEAR life for our FAMILYS because we have FAITH and follow the one who gives us life! This is what gives us peace to be able to raise the children he has given us responsibility to raise HIS way! This is when we realize that WE WERE NOT EVER ALONE! DRE4CHRIST FOR LIFE!!

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