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Assist-A-Grad awards 168 students scholarships

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Genna Smith, a senior at Rodriguez High School, receives her Abundantly Blessed Investment Club scholarship during the Assist-A-Grad awards ceremony at the Fairfield Community Center, Sunday. 68 students received $131,500 in scholarship money. (Aaron Rosenblatt/Daily Republic)


FAIRFIELD — Vanden High School student Tyler Koss, who spent some of his free time preparing meals at the Fisher House, hopes to attend the Air Force Academy and plans to become a pilot with the financial help of the Order of Daedalians Flight 5 Scholarship he was awarded.

 Carolina Rodriguez plans to attend the University of the Pacific to become a psychologist with the help of an Armijo Class of 1965 Honorary Scholarship while Klara Reece wants to attend California State University, Fullerton, and become a registered nurse with the help of an Armijo Alumni Scholarship.

These students were three of 168 Fairfield, Suisun City, Vacaville and even Dixon students who came with their families to the Fairfield Community Center Sunday afternoon to accept scholarships that will help them meet their educational dreams.

“Believe in yourself and follow your dreams,” was the advice that Assist-A-Grad Scholarship Foundation President Rita Santos gave to the assembled young scholars who will be graduating in June.

Parents and friends took pictures, ignoring the noise of the fans that kept the community center cool, showing obvious pride as their loved ones walked up to accept their scholarships.

This year, 81 sponsors ranging from the DeVera Family and Anderson & Associates to Ball Corporation and the Cordelia Rotary Club, presented $131,514 in scholarships for Assist-A-Grad to hand out.

The ceremony was dedicated this year to school secretary Charlotte Toon, a dedicated Assist-A-Grad supporter for more than 20 years who recently died at the age of 92.

This year’s scholarship winners were:

Abundantly Blessed Investment Club Scholarship: Tyra Holt and Genna Smith; Greg Adams Memorial Music Scholarship: Bryce Beckel; Advanced Instruments Hearing Aid Center Scholarship: Brina Miller; Alooma Court No. 198 Daughters of Isis Scholarship: Rebecca Dulaney; Anderson & Associates CPAs Scholarship: Julianna De Vries; Friends of Armijo Agriculture Scholarship: Jesus Gonzalez and Kyle Palaganas;

George’s Feed & Pet Supply Scholarship: Miguel Cervantes, Adrian Ortega, Rosanna Villicana and Hamad Waiz; Armijo Alumni Scholarship: Julianna De Vries, Klara Reece and Kasey Ryan; Robert Jordan Class of 1949 Honorary Scholarship: Bernardo Ortega; Carol Jordan Memorial Scholarship: Tahoe Bautista and Cesar Rodrigeuz; DeVera Family Honorary Scholarship: Kelly Luthy;

Armijo Class of 1965 Honorary Scholarship: Carolina Rodriguez and Lonnie Saetern; Armijo Class of 1950 Honorary Scholarship: Hayden Del Dotto; Evelyn “Happy” Hallett Marinovich Class of 1958 Memorial Scholarship: Tiffany Clark; Clyde Perry Class of 1955 Memorial Scholarship: Blake Butler; Larrianne Simmons Glashoff Class of 1977 Memorial Scholarship: Howie Tomson; John Smith Class of 1950 Memorial Scholarship: Colby Hatfield;

Ed Hopkins Memorial Scholarship: Amrinder Bhandal; Armijo Football Boosters Club: Amrinder Bhandal, Jeffrie Brown Jr., Gregory Forkes and Miles Thompson; Armijo Staff Club Scholarship: Rassim Chettfour; Linda Ash Memorial Scholarship: Anthony Reyes; Assist-A-Grad Foundation Marvin Woodstrup Scholarship: Lucila Briesno; Honorary Recognition Scholarship Award: Jason Naidu;

Ball Corporation Scholarship: Rajpreet Sidhu; Charlotte Bailard Ball Memorial Scholarship: Miguel Cervantes; Ameriprise Financial Services Scholarship: Jennifer Flores Alvarez; M.J. Bates Scholarship: Claudia Diaz; Benesh Family Scholarship: Jacob Less; CSEA Fairfield-Suisun Chapter No. 302 Scholarship: Astred Castro and Kayla Vidal; California State Prison, Solano, Prison Outreach Program Scholarship: Daniel Smith, Tiffany Tramel and Clarisse Wangeline;

Larry Carr Memorial Scholarship: Claudia Diaz; Cordelia Rotary Harry Holbrook Memorial Scholarship: Melanie Esver and Gabrielle Tribelli; Crystal Elementary Scholarship in Memory of Mary-Jo Beyer-Tracy: Amanda Bernal, Brandon Contreras and Lonnie Saetern; Eckman Family Scholarship: Brendon O’Hara-Leid, Hector Rodriguez and Yixuan Zheng; FAST Lions Club Community Services Scholarship: Linda Houston and Alexandra Jenks;

Fairfield Community Services Foundation Scholarship: Leslie Gutierrez, Amber Jacobson and Elizabeth Ramirez; Fairfield High School Athletic Boosters Club Scholarship: Lea Alvarez; Fairfield Host Lions Club Scholarship in Memory of Bev Dihel: Crystal Benton; Fairfield Host Lions Club Scholarship in Memory of Curtis and Lil Burgan: Lucila Briesno; Fairfield Host Lions Club Scholarship in Memory of Ralph Penning: Melonie Miller; Fairfield Host Lions Club Scholarship in Memory of Verde Hawley: Emily Wong;

Fairfield-Suisun Adult School Women in Action Re-Entry Scholarship: Estela Fuentes; Fairfield-Suisun Adult School Staff Scholarship: Zhiyan Huang; Fairfield-Suisun Management Association Scholarship: Aaron Harrison and Jacob Hurt; Fairfield-Suisun Rotary Club Scholarship: Kyle Elledge, Melanie Esver and Jacob Less; Fairfield-Suisun Rotary Club Scholarship honoring Gaylord Whitlock: Elizabeth Hubbard; F-SUTA Scholarship: Kyle Elledge, Lidsay Nute, Daniel Smith and Israel; Fairfield Women in Action Scholarship: Rassim Chettfour and Jillian Lea; Janice Lynn Rossi Memorial Scholarship: Akila Hunter;

The Matt Garcia Foundation Scholarship: Diego Alcantar, Leah Alvarez, Daraja Carroll, Carolyn Elder, Aries Gresham, Yuxuan Guo, Leslie Gutierrez, Akila Hunter, Bernardo Ortega, Adrian Ortega, Vereniz Ortiz and Teresa Quintanilla; Geranium City Garden Club Scholarship: Kathleen Ng; Golden Hills Mustang Club Scholarship: Christian Marmolejo; Kathleen E. Herbert Memorial Scholarship: Laura Paolo Becerril;

Jack Hopkins Memorial Athletic Scholarship: Christopher Maynard; Ella C. Owens Jennings Memorial Scholarship: Sevanna Devers; Melinda Ann Kerner Memorial Scholarship: Alexis Villegas; Vocational and Trade School Scholarship: Marahi Alejo; Presilla Toon Lindgren Scholarship: Tiffini Mestas; Jimmy Low Scholarship: Vereniz Ortiz; Darwin L. Lum DDS Health Care Scholarship: Kassandra Villasenor;

Marsh Family Scholarship: Chyna Oyola; Jacobs Long Achievement Award: Angela Laosantos; Military Officers Association Scholarship: Kayla Andres, Andrew Grabowski and Brandon Servino; Michael Dominic Moretti Memorial Scholarship: Joseph Matteucci; MARFE Robert Redcher/Barbara Joyce Dyson Memorial Scholarships: Esmeralda Arteaga and Kimberlee Walker; Ian Albert Netto Memorial Scholarship: Joy Acuyong and Connor Ng;

Civil Engineering Scholarship: Isabella Perez and Breanna Thomas; Sons of Italy in America Fairfield Order No. 2534 Scholarship: Rachel Blackman, Mia Horn, Joseph Matteuchi, August Messano, Andrew Pirondini, Howie Tomson and Keila Wedow; Order of Daedalians Flight 5 Scholarship: Tyler Koss;

Valedictorian Scholarships in Memory of Dorothy Stone: Diego Alcantar, Jacob Less, Alicia Perez, Leilani Reyes, Isreal Vega, Victor Martinez, Kelly Bruner, Heidi Carr, Timothy Comer, Michaela Copp, Shanon D’Ambrosio, Elizabeth Hubbard, Scott Morris, Andrew Priodini and Jessica Ye; Parkside Dental Care Scholarship: Riffany Tramel; Brian Burzynski Memorial Scholarship: Sallie Canumay;

Rodriguez Athletic Boosters Scholarship: Daraja Carroll and Anthony Kaleczyc; Juanita & Andrea Schiel Memorial Scholarship: Crystal Benton and Gladys Cruz; Joe Shilts Memorial Engineering Scholarship: Karanveer Deol and Mark Leal; E. Ruth Sheldon Elementary School Scholarship: Carolina Rodriquez; Anna Sheldon Hopkins Memorial Scholarship: Dmitra-Dejahnae Lucas; John Paul Hopkins Towner Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Currier;

William Boyd Sheldon Memorial Scholarship: Cesar Rodriguez; Sudie M. Smith Memorial Scholarship: Tiffany Clark and Seghan Wodai; Clare Ficklin Memorial Scholarship: Gabriella Nathan-Funk; Solano First FCU Scholarship: Heidi Carr, Mariah Correa Santiago and Andrew Pirondini; Solano Garbage Company Environmental Scholarship: Christina Ramos; Solano-Napa Builders Exchange Scholarship: Blake Butler;

James Ward Memorial Award: Lindsay Nute; Soroptimist Scholarship: Elizabeth Hubbard and Kristina Maria Lapira; Marcia Stewart Memorial Scholarship: Angie Gomez, Yuxuan Guo, Elizabeth Ramirez and Veronica Zepeda; Suisun City Firefighters Association Scholarship: Joseph Matteucci and Marcos Moreno; Tigner Family Foundation Scholarship: Amrinder Bhandal and Jeffrie Brown Jr.;

Robert L. S. Wong Jr. Scholarship: Janine Alcordo; University Society Scholarship: Larua Paola Bercerril, Rebecca Dulaney, Audrey Nicole Gonzalo, Kristina Maria Lapira, Elizabeth Ramirez and Veronica Zepeda; Pamela Jarvinen Memorial Scholarship: Roshani Minhas and Alyssa Wright; Wednesday Club-Robbins Family Academic Scholarship: Veronica Zepeda; Gaylord P. Whitlock Memorial Scholarship: Kaytlin Denney.

Article Source: The Daily Republic 

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