Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Compassion Test

How would you define compassion? It is basically treating others as you would like to be treated when grief comes your way. It can be about a tragedy or something small, but compassion is still called for. Think deeply about each question and see whether you are truly compassionate when someone needs you to care about what they are going through.

1) When someone is hurt whom you know or maybe an athlete on TV, how do you react? Some people laugh about it, while others jump into action and do what they can to alleviate the pain. Where in the spectrum are you? It tells a great deal about you as a person how you answer this question. In life, it will mean the difference between a good and lasting relationship or failure.

2) Outside the realm of compassion, what type of person are you? Abusive? Giving? Helpful? If you are giving and helpful in other areas of your life, and not compassionate, why is there a difference between the two?

3) Construct a way of collecting the opinions of those around you, without knowing which person said what. Put a note on the container asking them to rate your compassion level. Have them be unsigned. You may be surprised at the answers you get from this survey. Many times we cannot see the flaws in ourselves that people around us can see.

4) If the above survey came out negative about your level of compassion, how would you react, and what would you do to fix it, if anything? Would you be mad at the people who gave their honest opinions or use it as a growth tool to improve yourself?

5) Do you resent constructive criticism from those around you, whether it is a boss or someone you care about deeply?

6) What kind of response do you expect from others when you are in need of help? How does this compare with what you give to others in their time of need?

7) Why do you think people act in a bizarre manner, like laughing, when someone is in a hurting situation? If you are one of these, what caused it to be in your personality?

8) Do you think all the news, video games, and other negative influences have desensitized our society to others' pain? How have you changed over the years due to the influences of seeing people die and go through tragedies?

9) When you see a need in your family or community, do you take action or figure someone else will do it?

No one else may ever know your answers to these questions, but you do. What are you going to do about the answers you gave? Were any of your answers convicting to the point of your doing something about the answers that didn't meet your expectations?

It is one thing to take a test such as this, but what really counts is what you do with the answers you receive. Without positive actions to back it up, taking a test is of no value. It is up to you alone to make it valuable and to grow personally from it.

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