Monday, October 20, 2014

Are You Born To Lead? Leadership Traits That Every Leader Must Have

Are you born to be a leader? Many claim that a person is born to lead and scientists have claimed that one can inherit it through their genes. So is it too late for us who were not born out of influential families? According to D.R. Forsyth, one can develop leadership potential through hard work and careful observation. With that said, how can one be a leader? What traits and styles should one have in order to develop their leadership potentials? Below are just some things that you ought to consider to be able to develop your leadership potentials.

Act on It

The first thing to do to develop one's initiative is to act on an opportunity that comes along their way. One must develop their drive to make things happen the way they want it to. People who take the lead are on their way to becoming leaders as they are often the first person who would spot opportunities for the company that they work for and are not afraid to pursue it.

Be Responsible

Becoming a leader means being responsible and taking ownership of the problem. They exhibit a "can do" attitude, anticipate problems head on and provide several solutions or action plans in order to resolve the matter readily.

Innovative and Risk Taking

Suggesting new ways of handling things and taking risks are also some of the traits that one should develop to become a potential leader. Innovative thinking or "thinking out of the box" helps create change to the old ways and paves the way for a better and more productive company.

Motivating others

Leadership involves motivating others and directing them on what to do. The leader encourages the staff and fellow team member to work on the common goal together. They provide support and believe in the abilities of the people around them.

Self Confidence

People who are self-confident exude an aura of authority. They are not in doubt of their ability to make a decision and trust their decisions. They are emotionally stable, assertive and self-assured. To develop self-confidence, one must be consistent in what they are doing and demonstrate their integrity and commitment. Self-assured individuals also project their aura to their team and help create an environment where every staff or member feels valued and has a sense of belonging.

These are just some of the traits that every individual should develop if they want to lead or become a leader later on. Leaders are born, but leadership skills can be developed.

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